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      Which coconut oil do I pick at the store?! I regularly see jars with solid white oil and jars with clear liquid. I am unsure which is the better choice. Here is an example of the solid stuff I have seen and here is an example of the liquid oil. Help please!

    • Elena A Christofides, MD, FACEElena A Christofides, MD, FACE
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      Great point. The reason coconut oil is so healthy for you is that the fat is nearly identical to the one your body uses to make new cells. The part that matters though is the solid part. Tips to identifying the right coconut oil product is highlighted in this approved photo:

      Coconut Oil solid

      Refining (removing) the solid part of the coconut oil out actually removes the best properties of the coconut oil. So I urge caution when using the liquid products unless you are just using it as a quick spray for non-stick purposes. If you just need a quick spray of a neutral oil for your muffin tins or your cooking pans, then the liquid coconut oil will be a reasonable choice.

      Coconut Oil liquid

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