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      I know a lot of people who love their coffee creamer. I myself love creamer in my cold brew. It really enhances the coffee since cold brew can be a bit bitter sometimes. Here are labels from two different creamers. The one is straight up milk and sugar which is fine. If you are going to use a sweetener, you body recognizes sugar and will process it totally normally. This is ideal. The not approved creamer has a longer list of ingredients to thicken it, stabilize it and generally ruin what was a good thing all on it’s own.

      Honestly, why spend more money buying something that you likely already have around for a fraction of the price. So rather than buying coffee creamers, try simplifying your life by using just sugar and heavy cream. Two things I already have in my kitchen all the time.

      Approved Coffee Creamers

      Not Approved Coffee Creamers

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