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      Hello Doctor Elena,

      Do you have any suggestions about how to handle cravings for breads? I love eating sandwiches, and I know that in most cases the least nutritious portion of them is the bread. I have heard about gluten free and “Ezekiel” bread as a substitute, but I don’t know the best alternative to the white, wheat, rye, or sourdough breads. Is there something in the label that I should look for if I choose to use with caution?


    • Elena A Christofides, MD, FACEElena A Christofides, MD, FACE
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      Great question! In most cases, switching types of breads (like gluten free or ezekial) does not change the fact that it is still carbs and probably not what you want if you are trying to limit them. I have been using the “Fathead Dough” recipe from Cast Iron Keto to make bread, buns, and muffins. It has really been a great recipe for bread substitutes. I would encourage you to follow the recipe exactly as the ratios are important. One thing I don’t do is use a cast iron skillet though as I have found that my bread sticks too much. So I use hamburger bun tins.

      What about everyone else? Does the group have any other favorite non-carb type bread recipes?


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