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As an endocrinologist I am expected to know about metabolism and how lifestyle choices affect your health. I have spent my career researching the best ways to achieve optimal health for my patients and then applying it in my clinical practice. I have published articles, written book chapters and lectured around the world, but I felt I could do more.

This project was born nearly 20 years ago when one of my first clinical patients became frustrated and asked if I could just go to the grocery store with him. He was diabetic and trying to make better choices while grocery shopping and wanted to “Shop With The Doc.” At the time, the internet wasn’t what it is today, so I couldn’t see a way to help him short of physically going to the store. As the years passed, this idea stuck with me and has grown into an even bigger project. I hope that patient would be proud that we are finally launching Shop With The Doc.

My hope is that Shop With The Doc will take us to the next level with your health. It is not about losing weight or following the latest fad diet. It’s about making the best choices when shopping to optimize your long-term health no matter what diet you are following.

Join us on this journey to better health.

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